Farming Practices

In 1999, FFI implemented strip-till on irrigated land and no-till practices to minimize the environmental impact of crop production. These practices have been in place ever since and have allowed for the consistent seasonal crop growth that has ensured the farm’s sustainability and growth.


With a 3.8 million-bushel storage capacity, FFI supplies both corn and wheat year-round to brokers for distribution across the country. FFI also provides non-GMO corn to a local dairy. The distribution operation consists of four loading docks and a fully-equipped scale house with the capability to weigh trucks and provide tickets complete with grain weight and moisture.



FFI’s aviation sector is housed just east of corporate headquarters and consists of a 15,000 square-foot airplane hangar, the attached Sky Lounge and an adjacent, grass runway. The hangar presently houses three airplanes, one for aerial spraying and two for travel and crop scouting; but, its vast size and convenient location make it it an ideal event venue for parties and weddings. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom Sky Lounge is comfortably-appointed with a fully stocked kitchen, sitting area and screened-in porch with a fireplace. A fully-stocked pond with a dock, sand beach and lawn chairs is accessible via a pathway from the Sky Lounge.

Event Hosting

With ample space at both Four Mile Field’s airplane hangar and the event center at headquarters, FFI has hosted several notable events, including the Governor’s Hunt for two consecutive years. For more information on hosting your next event at FFI’s facilities, please contact Baker Bugbee at 785-443-0116 or via e-mail at