One value that runs strong at Frahm Farmland is the importance of lifelong learning. We place a high priority on providing educational opportunities for all of our team members. As a part of that, we also provide internships to interested individuals that hope to start their own career in production agriculture or agribusiness. We have enjoyed annual interns from a variety of different countries since 2000 and plan to continue our internship program long into the future.

If you are interested in becoming an intern at Frahm Farmland or would like to learn more about our on-farm program, please contact Lon Frahm.

Past Frahm Farmland interns:

2013 - Stephan Froschauer (Austria)
2012 - Magnus Rupp (Germany)
2011 - Ricardo Bosch (Brazil)
2010 - Magnus Rupp (Germany)
2009 - Bart Schaap (Germany)
2008 - Victor Leforestier (France)
2007 - Renato Quieroz (Brazil)
2006 - David Schulte (Ireland)
2005 - Artem Kartakov (Ukraine)
2004 - David and Mike Brocklehurst (Zimbabwe)
2003 - Adam Wawrzyniak-Poland Martin Jenicksen (Nertherlands)
2002 - Michael Murphy and Neil Lillilis (Ireland)
2001 - Jane Smith (Ireland)
2000 - Bart Schaap (Netherlands)